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29 April 2016

Belarus President suggests setting up joint ventures in Indonesia to export to regional market

Belarus suggests setting up joint ventures in Indonesia for the Asia-Pacific market. The day before President Alexander Lukashenko stated this at a meeting with the Minister of Defense of Indonesia. According to the President, our country will consider any initiatives. Belarus intends to develop cooperation with Indonesia not only in military technology, but also in the civilian sectors of the economy. Soon intergovernmental commissions will step up their efforts to promote the dialogue. Heads of groups will identify several fundamentally new cooperation areas.

Today the visit continues as the parties take a tour of a number of Belarusian defense industry companies.

Russia may raise retirement age to 65

Russia's Finance Ministry submitted to the government proposals concerning the reform of the pension system. One of the points suggests gradually raising the retirement age to 65. Today, women in Russia retire at 55, and men at 60. Among the suggested measures is also denial of pension (or at least its fixed portion) to working pensioners. We are talking about early retirement for those who have such a right due to hazardous nature of the job but continue to work. All changes will be discussed with experts, NGOs and trade unions.

"Viva, Rovar" bicycle festival to be held in Minsk on April 30

Minsk bicycle fans open the season. Tomorrow Minsk will host the 2nd "Viva Rovar" bicycle festival. Participation is open to anyone. A special raffle with fun prizes and souvenirs will be held for the officially registered participants. The starting point of the bike parade is in the city's center, near the Minsk Hero City monument. The participants will ride along one of the city's major avenues to Minsk Arena athletic venue and back again.

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