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15 August 2016

17 more Olympic champions will be determined today in Rio

Olympic Games 2016 in Rio de Janeiro are in full swing. The 10th day of the competition will determine another 17 Olympic champions. Belarusian athletes will compete in the canoe sprint and the triple jump. Belarus’ representatives will also perform in the hammer throw, women's 400 meters hurdles, cycling, Greco-Roman wrestling. Our country will try to get into the finals of synchronized swimming as well. A reminder, Belarus has won 4 medals so far and is 29th in the overall rankings.

The Belarusian parliamentary election campaign is in the stage of agitation

The Belarusian parliamentary election campaign continues, and it is currently in one of the most interesting of its stages – the agitation stage. The Central Election Commission of Belarus believes that the candidates’ speeches on radio and television will help the voters to decide on their preferences. The first addresses to the public have already been recorded – they will be aired today on TV during prime time. The candidates can use free airtime only personally. But in the televised debates it is possible to use a proxy.

Harvesting campaign in Belarus is in its final stage – 6 million tons of grain have already been harvested

Harvesting campaign in Belarus is entering its final stage. About 20% of the area remains to be harvested. 6 million tons of grain mark has been reached recently. Meanwhile 4 of the country’s regions have harvested at least 1 million tons of grain each: Minsk, Brest, Gomel and Grodno regions. The average yield this year is almost 34.5 centner per hectare.

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