Projects of TV News Agency

The Main Air

The Main Air is a weekly analytical and news program of TV Infoservice. Every Sunday at 21:00 we sum up the results of the week on the channel Belarus 1 and Belarus 24. The Main Air analyzes the most important events of the last 7 days, reflects on the most striking news of political, economic and social life in Belarus and abroad. Our anchors work on the spot of the main events of the week, invite famous people to the studio and discuss the most resonant events along with their participants, present journalistic investigations of the hottest issues. View live reports from all around the world and exclusive interviews in the Main Air on the main channel of the country.

The program features three pairs of anchors: Ivan Mikhailov and Victoria Senkevich, Sergei Gusachenko and Julia Pertsova,  Maxim Uglyanitsa and Polina Shuba.

Panorama Top stories of the country go in the evening prime time, in daily program Panorama. The correspondents of TV Infoservice summarize the information from Belarus and the world. The program Panorama is a brand of the Belarusian TV. And this is not just a review of the main news, this is a live coverage from the spot, breaking news, hot and sharp reports, expert opinions, exclusive interviews. 40 minutes of live broadcast talk dwell on the most notable news of politics, economy, culture and sports.
The Relevant Interview

The Relevant Interview is one of the most popular projects of TV Infoservice, which for several years has been aired twice a week by Belarus 1 and Belarus 24. Journalists pose relevant questions to the authorities, politicians, successful businessmen, famous figures of culture and art, famous film actors and artists, athletes, entertainers. The geography of the "Interview" has long gone beyond the "guest from a neighboring country" format.

Sphere of Interests

The Sphere of Interests is a program that makes economy understandable. The correspondents and authors of the Sphere of Interests raise the most urgent issues in economics and finance, talk about business issues twice a week in the evening air. High-ranking officials and prominent business persons are permanent guests of the program.

Chief editors and TV presenters of the program: 
Sergey Volyak 
Andrei Laptenok 
Air time: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday - 19:20
Our Fellow Countrymen

Every day we go to work, study and do not notice the people around. Yet, we can make a film about each of them. Our Fellow Countrymen is a program about us, about Belarusians who changed the world. Cosmonaut Oleg Novitsky, five-time champion of Paralympics 2012 Igor Kraya, or your neighbor, who invented a perpetual motion machine.

The creative team of Our Fellow Countrymen is waiting for applications from potential heroes.

Dialogues on civilization

"Dialogues on civilization" - a series of exclusive interviews.

Each project is a series of interviews for the audience with personality of a significant scale. Through knowledge, experience, attitudes and fate of the hero we see the most important events of the past, their impact on the present, their contribution to the future scenarios. The biography of the hero, his or her views, historical context and parallels, modern trends and criticism inherent in the "Dialogues" offer the viewer to become not only a curious observer, but also a participant and expert with personal opinion on the most complex challenges of our time.

Sports Day

Sports News every day at a very convenient time. Reports from stadiums all over the world, informed opinion of experts, the curious cases, goals, points, and seconds - view all of it in the program "Sports Day".

Air time: from Monday through Friday at 21:45.