Беларусь 24

24 May 2016

Belarus and Cuba ready for advancement in bilateral relations

Official visit to Belarus of First Vice President of the Council of State, the Council of Ministers of Cuba continues.

The day before, at the meeting with President Alexander Lukashenko Mario Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermudez suggested deepening the partnership. Over the past year, the countries managed to almost double the trade turnover. Cuba counts on Belarus' participation in social and infrastructural development. The country has long been using Belarus-made products, in particular, MAZ trucks. In the near future an assembly plant to produce these vehicles may be set up in Cuba.

Vienna hosts Belarus-EU Investment Forum

Investment opportunities in Belarus, as well as prospects of economic cooperation with the European business will be presented today in Vienna. The Austrian capital hosts Belarusian-EU Investment Forum. Its opening will be attended by first vice-premier Vasili Matiushevski. The central topics include cooperation in the financial and banking sector, information and communications, as well as sustainable construction. It is expected that taking part in the forum will be representatives of one hundred and fifty major European companies, international financial institutions and official bodies fr om Belarus and the EU.

Christian Orthodox believers celebrate Sts. Cyril and Methodius

Today Christian Orthodox believers celebrate Sts. Cyril and Methodius. Equal-to-the -apostles writers of the Enlightenment, also known as "Solun brothers", it was they who at the end of the 9th century created the Old Church Slavonic alphabet. This way, the rich Byzantine civilization became accessible and understandable to the Slavic peoples. From that time on, Greek ceased to be the only language of Scripture, while Slavs got the foundation to build their own unique culture upon.

In Belarus, the Day of Slavic Alphabet and Culture has been an officcial holiday for 30 years.

Minsk will host a traditional religious procession, whose participants will walk from the St. Spirit Cathedral to the site wh ere the first Christian Orthodox Church in Belarus once stood.

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