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22 April 2016

Lukashenko: Belarus is in favor of the universal security system in the Eurasian region

Belarus is in favor of the universal security system in the Eurasian region, Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko said in his State of the Nation Address. The Collective Security Treaty Organization serves this purpose on the grand scale. Alexander Lukashenko stated that Belarus needs to improve its defensive potential due to the exacerbating situation in the CIS and non-CIS states in order not to be left helpless in case of a local military conflict. The main tasks for 2016 remain to be reduction of production costs, increasing the competitiveness of domestic goods, ensuring low inflation and reducing interest rates on loans after the denomination. The government is expected to adopt effective laws that would make emphasis on high-tech areas and contribute to attracting foreign direct investment.

The Paris Agreement on Climate Change to be signed at UN HQ

165 countries to sign the Paris Agreement on Climate Change at the UN HQ. The document sets an ambitious goal before the international community - to prevent the increase in the average temperature rise of more than 2 degrees by 2100. The Agreement is intended to replace the Kyoto Protocol. The document was signed by Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belarus Vladimir Makei. Belarus FM will acquaint the participants with Belarus’ activities on the implementation of the national plan to limit greenhouse gas emissions, and the country’s proposals on further global actions on climate.

The National School of Beauty hosts "Ethno-Style" festival and competition

The National School of Beauty hosts "Ethno-Style" festival and competition. In three days the jury will decide on the best collection of linen dresses, shirts and skirts with Belarusian national embroideries. The winners will be picked in nominations such as: "The master", "Creativity", "Ethno-experiment and photo-art." By the way, the visitors can freely buy any of the clothes and accessories they like at the festival.

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