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2 May 2016

Key lending rate in Belarus down to 22% per annum

The refinancing rate of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus will be reduced by two percentage points to 22% per annum. Representatives of the National Bank said that it became possible due to the stabilization of ruble and lower inflation.

In the future the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus will continue implementing a strategy designed to reduce the risk premium in interest rates taking into account the comprehensive analysis of emerging macroeconomic risks and the expected development of the national economy.

The source explained that slower growth of the money supply, the availability of a net surplus of foreign currency on the domestic currency market, the normalizing situation on the deposit market have resulted in lower inflation pressure in the country.

Meanwhile, interest rates on ruble loans and deposits remain high, including in real terms.

Registration for centralized testing begins in Belarus

Today begins registration for centralized testing in Belarus. The total number of stations where applicants will be able to sign up is 41. The applications must be submitted by 1 June. The stations are open Monday to Friday from 9 am to 7 pm, and to 6 pm on weekends. The first test is the Belarusian language, it will be held on 13 June. This year a centralized testing backup day is 5 July.

Orthodox Christians celebrate Easter

Today Orthodox Christians celebrate the beginning of Holy Week - the first week of the Easter celebrations. All religious services are carried out in a special fashion. The churches open the front doors wide open, which symbolizes that Christ had opened the way to paradise for all the people. Orthodox Belarusians will be celebrating Easter until the Ascension on 9 June. According to holy writings, after resurrection Christ spent 40 days with his disciples.

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