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17 June 2016

А. Lukashenko: Banking system to ensure effective economy

The banking system should promote effective operation of the economy. This was stated by President Alexander Lukashenko at the meeting with the Prime Minister and the Chairman of the Board of the National Bank. The head of state emphasized that all the components of the banking sector should be transparent and understandable for our partners, including those in the West. However, the main thing is that the economy should function well. The meeting also discussed preparations for the forthcoming denomination. It is held on the eve of parliamentary elections, which makes it a serious political issue. Therefore, the introduction of new banknotes is to take place as smooth and well-organized as possible.

Belarus to chair Central European Initiative in 2017

Belarus will preside over the Central European Initiative next year.

The decision was taken at the meeting of foreign ministers of the member states, which took place in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Belarus Foreign Minister Vladimir Makei emphasized the significance and relevance of the Central European Initiative in terms of strengthening stability in the region. During its presidency Belarus intends to pay special attention to trade facilitation, harmonization of standards and procedures, as well as development of transport and logistics infrastructure across Europe.

Best doctors of 2015 named in Minsk

On the eve of the Healthcare Professionals Day the best doctors of 2015 were named in Minsk. On behalf of the head of state they were congratulated by Deputy Prime Minister Natalia Kochanova. In his turn, Health Minister Vasyli Zharko pointed out that the work of each healthcare provider has a direct bearing upon the health and very lives of people. Today nearly 250 thousand people are employed in our healthcare industry. Belarus is among of the world's leaders in terms of mother and child welfare. 

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