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14 April 2016

Belarus President to take part in Organization of Islamic Cooperation summit

Belarus President is in Turkey on a working visit.

Today Istanbul is hosting the summit of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation. Belarus is not its member-state but applies for observer status. Representatives of more than 50 countries will discuss global issues such as the problems of the Islamic world and the ways out of the migration crisis. Alexander Lukashenko is expected to make a speech during the summit.

While in Turkey Belarus President is also expected to hold a number of bilateral meetings and negotiations with leaders of foreign nations.

On the previous night Alexander Lukashenko met with Turkey President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The two leaders discussed economic issues and the international agenda. The Turkish President confirmed his readiness to pay a visit to Belarus.

Belarus imposes restrictions on parcels and imported goods

Starting today Belarus imposes restrictions on parcels and the importation of goods from abroad. Parcel costing up to 22-euro and weighing up to 10 kilograms are free of duty.

There is a limit on the import goods for those who cross the border more than once a three months. One can bring goods duty-free if they cost no more than 300 euros, or weigh up to 20 kilograms.

Full information about the new rules is provided by the call centers of the Belarus Customs Committee.

Exhibition “100 Ideas for CIS” to present best youth projects in Minsk

The opening of the exhibition and presentation of the international youth project “100 Ideas for CIS” is to take place at the National Library of Belarus in Minsk today.

The exhibition will showcase about 40 youth projects in industrial engineering, healthcare, mobile technology, agriculture, information and communication technology, and aerospace technology.

The participants of a large-scale meeting of the CIS Youth Affairs Council will sum up the results of the past two years, discuss the development of youth entrepreneurship and prepare a draft Concept of the volunteer movement in the CIS.

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