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3 May 2016
Belarus getting ready for 71st anniversary of Victory in World War II

Belarus is preparing to celebrate the 71st anniversary of Victory in World War II. Today will see a dress rehearsal. As planned, on May 9, 4 columns of people with portraits of heroes of the war will march past the Victory monument in the center of Minsk to symbolize universal memory and unity of the nation. The patriotic action dedicated to the Victory Day celebrations was named Belarus remembers!. Minsk will host more than fifty Victory Day events, while about a thousand of them will take place across the country. The celebrations will culminate in colorful fireworks in Minsk and all major cities of the country.

Belarusian Industrial Forum launched in Minsk

The Belarusian Industrial Forum opens in Minsk. Its goal is not only to showcase the innovative potential of the participants, but also to highlight our country's investment attractiveness. Applications have been submitted by over two hundred companies. They will present their latest achievements and innovations, many of which are unparallelled in the world. The event's packed business program includes matchmaking events, an international symposium, international contest of energy-efficient technologies and equipment, and B2B meetings.

Belarus National Library publishes unique catalog of Oriental manuscripts from Rare Books Museum's collection

Belarus National Library is preparing to publish a unique catalog. It will list all 30 oriental manuscripts written in Arabic from the Rare Books Museum's collection. Among the documents is the so-called Dokshytski Ketab written in Belarusian with the use of Arabic script. It was created by the Tatars who lived in our land. The manuscript is a vivid illustration of the interaction between our peoples. The catalog was prepared by specialists, who not only speak Persian, Arabic and Turkish, but have studied their ancient dialects as well. 

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