Information broadcasting

Information issues 
"Events of the new day" - 00.04 (daily) 

  • 01.00, 02.00, 05.00, 06.04, 09.00, 10.00, 11.00, 12.00, 13.00, 15.00, 16.00, 17.00, 22.00 (weekdays)
  • 01.00, 05.00, 06.04, 07.00, 08.00, 10.00, 12.00, 15.00, 17.00, 22.00 (Saturday)
  • 01.00, 05.00, 06.04, 07.00, 08.00, 12.00, 15.00, 17.00, 22.00 (Sunday)
"News of the planet" (a joint project with UN radio) - 03.00 (weekdays), 02.00 (Sunday and Saturday) 
"News: facts and commentaries" - 23.00 (weekdays) 
"A political commentary" - 01.05 (Tuesday-Saturday) 
Partner. Information for business people" - 05.30, 09.40 (weekdays) 
"Reading press" (survey of periodical press) - 05.40, 08.30 (weekdays), 7.10 (Sunday) 
"Security radioservice" (chronicle of incidents) - 10.40 (weekday) 
"Sport news"
  • 05.45, 07.55, 08.45, 15.10, 19.50, 23.20 (weekdays)
  • 05.45, 07.45, 10.05, 15.05, 19.25 (Saturday)
  • 05.45, 08.10, 15.05 (Sunday)
05.00-06.00, 08.00-09.00 (weekdays), 05.00-08.00 (Saturday), 05.00-07.30 (Sunday):  
Morning information channel "Morning with Belarusians radio" (Daily) 05.00-06.00, 08.00-09.00 (weekdays), 05.00-08.00 (Saturday), 05.00-07.30 (Sunday): 
"News". "A synoptic is on duty", "Printing media survey", "Calendar", "Sport".

"Radiofact" (weekdays): 
07.00-08.00: "Official events", "Topical commentary", "Special report", "News of economy",  
"Culture", "Sport", "Weather".

Information evening at Belarusian radio (daily) 
"Postfactum"-19.00-20.00: "Summery of the day", "Topical commentary", "International events", "Sport news" (except Sunday). "Week of the nation" - 19.00-19.30 (Sunday).

Efficiency, truthfulness, objectiveness and competence  - are the main principals of work of the Information service of Belarus radio. All day round at the beginning of every hour  - the most important, interesting and efficient will be provided  - "News". Our reporters follow development of the basic events in Belarus and abroad.

Daily in the morning there will be held a talk about politics, economy, culture, sport and weather  - we speak about everything that surround us, things that our nation cares about and events that are held abroad in the most popular media project "Radiofact". The program is available any time convenient for you at our website.

During the information evening at Belarusian radio we analyze, discuss and share opinions about the day. Every week guests of "Postfactum"  - representatives of all brunches of power, heads of ministries and state institutions, politicians, economists, public figures  - comment on events of the day. Every Sunday "Week of the nation" represents digest of the most substantial and important.

One of the brightest project of the channel is the program "Accents" (Sunday - 15.25, Wednesday - 3.10). It is a round table discussion for political scientists, economists, sociologists, public figures who discuss most topical issues of domestic and foreign policy of the state. Special attention is paid to realization of the Program of socio-economic development of Belarus for 2006-2010. The program also provides competent commentaries of specialists and surveys of the audience and the Internet users.

A competent dispute dedicated to burning topics will be introduced live in a daily socio-political program "Topical microphone" (12.05). Experts and journalists will be meeting in a studio live for answering questions of the TV audience. The printing version of the program will be published by the leading periodicals of the nation.

The basic directions of domestic and foreign policy of the state will be discussed in the program "Politics" (Saturday  - 12.05)

Every Friday at 09.15 and Saturday at 3.00 and Internet-project "" will be available for those who have active civil position and own opinion about what is happening in Belarus and aborad. Enjoy our website.

On Tuesdays at 10.15 in publicistic program "Belarusian way" we speak about Belarusian statehood. Political scientists, sociologists, specialists and simple citizens discuss issues of strengthening of Belarusian sovereignty, preservation of national traditions and patriotic upbringing of young generation.

International politics, analysis of geopolitical process in the world will be available in the program "Belarus and the world" (Tuesday - 09.15).

Topical political commentaries, foreign guests are in "Political vector" program (Friday  - 15.25. Saturday  - 03.45)

The project "Belarus-Russia" (Saturday  - 12.05, Tuesday  - 03.10) analyses events that happen in Belarus and Russia. Usual participants of the program are famous Belarusian and Russian politicians, workers of culture and art.

Activity of Belarusian parliament and local administrations is in the focus of attention of the information and analytical program "Power of people" (Wednesday  - 09.15, Friday  - 03.10)

"The agenda. Parliament herald" (Wednesday - 15.25) -. The program is about activity of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus, realization of state programs, elaboration of regulatory documents, and development of branches of the economy.

The priorities of the state policy, modern tendencies in political, socio-economic and bultural life of Belarus are in the focus of attention of participants of the program "Dialogue" (Monday - 10.15, Tuesday - 03.45).

A discussion program "Pro et contra" (Saturday  - 13:00, Tuesday  - 03:10) is an exchange opinions in different issues of political, economic, social and cultural life. People whose positions are direct opposite meet at the program's studio.

The news of agricultural character, commentaries of specialists and stories about life of farmers are in the project "Agricultural morning" (daily - 06.10).

Issues of development of small and medium business, acquaintance with the experience of work of successful entrepreneurs are in the program "Own business" (Wednesday - 10.15).

"Public office" program is dedicated to turning by the audience with critical remarks, offers and wishes. (Friday  - 10.15)

Information about new projects, acquaintance with famous TV and radio reporters, survey of letters and e-mails of radio and TV audience will take place on Saturdays at 08.10 in information and analytical program "Feedback".

Distinguished people of Belarus will answer 30 questions of the audience in the program "30 by 30" on Sundays.

Development of Belarusian science and achievements of Belarusian scientists will be promoted on Thursdays at the project "Academy of Sciences".

The audience will be able to get acquainted with goods by Belarusian manufacturers on Tuesdays at 15.25 during the program "Belarus-made is the best".

Useful pieces of advice will be given on Sundays at 09.00 and 21.30 during the program "Cottage season".

Everything about healthy lifestyle, prevention and treating diseases is available on Saturdays at 10.10 in "Heath" program.

A cognitive quiz "Intellectual marathon" will be broadcasted on Sundays at 11:00.

Program "My Country if Belarus" will propose the audience virtual trips over Belarusian towns and cities on Mondays at 03:25.

Publicistic program "Remember the name of yours" is broadcasted every Sunday at 18.00. It provides joy of meetings for WW II veterans, their friends and relatives through dozens years. We hold journalistic investigations based on biographies of participants of the programs and materials of searching groups. The basic part of the program is dedicated to searches of unknown soldiers, heroes of the Victory, friends and setting places of burial of perished during the war.

"Radio voyage" show provides acquaintance with history and culture of different states on Saturdays at 23:00.

"Serving to Motherland!" program is about the army and military history (Sunday  - 13.30).  
Letters of soldiers and their relatives are in the program "Army mail" (Sunday  - 14.00).

Sport news, analysis of results and forecasts for competitions are in the program "Sport-navigator" (Sunday  - 17.05)

Culture and traditions of peoples who live in Belarus, life of communities  - are the themes of the program "Community" (Saturday  - 15.25, Sunday  - 03.00)

Ecology and nature protection are in the focus of attention of the program "Ecological monitoring" (Monday  - 09.15).

Commentaries to legal acts, answers to questions of the audience are available every Thursday at 15.25 in the program "Legal Consultation".

Belarusian radio possesses wide and professional corresponding network. It allows dynamic and comprehensive coverage of socio-political, economic and other events in Belarus and abroad. Our reporters work not only in all parts of Belarus but also in Armenia, Moldova, Poland, Russia, Ukraine and Baltic states.

Dynamic live broadcasts allow our audience to follow development of the events and become virtual participants.

Director of Information and Socio-Political Broadcasting: 
Elena Davidovich. 
Tel/Fax: (+375 - 17) 284 40 39, 284 85 12. 

Deputy Directors:  
Nadezhda Lysenko, 
Oleg Mikhalevich. 
Tel/Fax: (+375 - 17) 284 85 12