Cultural broadcasting

Cultural, educational and musical programs 

"Episodes of the Great War" (Tuesday - 21.00) - a journalistic program about Great Patriotic War events. 

"Belarusian Album" (Sunday - 23.00) - historical essays and radio productions about Belarusian traditions and customs. 

"Gallery" (Thursday - 22.10) - radio portrayals of our contemporaries. 

"Historical Portrait" (Saturday - 22.05) - essays about legendary persons. 

"Dialogs about the Eternal" (Wednesday- 22.30) - philosophical reflections about values of culture and spirituality. 

"High Technologies" (Tuesday- 10.15, Friday- 03.45) - educational program about high-tech development in Belarus and worldwide. 

"For Those at Home" (weekdays - 11.05, Saturday- 11.00) - family show, useful tips, advice from teachers and psychologists, quizzes. 

"Open Platform" - a show for children and youth. Educational rubrics, special projects on career guidance, NGO activities, government support for the gifted youth, prevention of pernicious habits amongst young people (weekdays - 16.05). 

"Youth Forum" (Saturday- 16.00) - a programme for children and youth about how to make the best of your spare time.  

"Autograph" (Tuesday- 21.30) - in-studio talks with stars of stage and screen.

"Author's Song" (Monday - 21.00) - meeting authors and performers, concert and festival billboard. 

"Anthology of Romance" (Thursday- 21.30) - a show for lovers of exquisite music. 

"Belarusian Collection" (Friday- 21.00) - all about the history and modern days of Belarusian musical culture. 

"Belarusian Musical Classics" (Thursday- 22.30) - masterpieces of national classical music. 

"In the World of Electronic Music" (Saturday- 04.00) - a musical show. 

"Bedtime Fairytale" (daily- 20.50) - a show for the smallest audience. 

"Meeting the Classical Music" (Sunday- 3.30) - a musical program. 

"Meeting the Songs" (Saturday- 17.10, Tuesday- 22.10) - a letter of request-based musical show. 

"Harmony" (Friday- 22.30) - for haute art lovers. 

"Voices of Centuries" (Saturday- 22.30) - a cultural and educational project about folklore music. 

"Jazz at Night " (Thursday- 04.00) - jazz news in modern music, prominent jazz players' bios, concert reviews, classical jazz pieces. 

"Diariush" (Friday- 22.10) - an educational program about the history of Belarusian literature. 

"Good Day!" (weekdays - 13.10) - a musical entertainment show. 

"A Word of the Priest" (Sunday- 07.30) - a religious program. 

"Foreign Pop Stars" (Friday- 04.00) - a thematic concert program. 

"Soundtrack" (Monday - 22.30) - all about authors and performers of music for the movies. 

"Folk Instruments are Playing" (Monday - 23.40) - a thematic concert program. 

"Radio's Golden Archives" (Sunday- 22.30) - the program uses unique archival materials of the Belarusian Radio. 

"Class i C" (Wednesday- 22.10) - an educational program about classical music. 

"Orchestra Concert" (Sunday- 23.40) - best Belarusian, Soviet and world orchestras play. 

"Short Stories" (weekdays - 23.30) - detective, sci-fi, romantic and historical radio series based on books by Belarusian and foreign authors.  

"Catholic Sermon" (Sunday- 08.15) - a religious program. 

"Cultural Space" (weekdays - 17.05) - cultural news, billboards, conversations with noted figures of art and culture. 

"Light Music" (Saturday- 09.00) - a musical program. 

"Favorite Tunes" (Sunday- 13.00) - popular songs of the past. 

"Childhood Tunes" (Sunday- 10.34) - children's songs we have come to love. 

"Music Lover" (Sunday- 04.00) - a program about different styles and directions in modern music. 

"World Pop Music" (Wednesday- 04.00) - a musical program. 

"Muse" (Monday - 22.10) - a program for opera fans. 

"Music for All" (daily- 02.05) - a musical program. 

"Music Planet" (Tuesday- 04.00) - an educational program about bands and performers of the world.  

"Musical Olympus" (Saturday- 14.00) - a live show featuring Belarusian pop stars. 

"Nocturne" (Monday - 04.00) - a show for non-sleepers. 

"Legacy We Inherited…" (Monday - 21.30) - a program about the cultural legacy of Belarus, creative paths of distinguished people of Belarusian culture. 

"Never To Be Forgotten" (Sunday- 18.40) - essays about distinguished personas of Belarus. 

"Nighttime Highway" (daily- 01.10) - an entertainment show for those driving their cars. 

"A Present for Music Lovers" (Sunday- 21.00) - granting requests for classical music. 

"Songs of Belarusian Composers" (Saturday- 23.40) - a musical program. 

"Radio-Gramophone" (Friday- 21.30) - an educational program about music of the 60-80s. 

"Congrats and Greetings!" (weekdays - 20.00, Saturday, Sunday- 19.30) - a request-based congratulatory show. 

"Radio Hits" (Sunday- 16.00, Monday - 03.00) - a hit parade. 

"Retro Concert" (weekdays - 15.40) - finest music of the past. 

"Native Word" (Wednesday- 21.40) - an educational program for those with interest in linguistics. 

"Light of Soul" (Saturday- 08.30) - a religious program. 

"Freestyle" (Thursday- 21.00) - a musical program featuring young Belarusian singers. 

"Slavonic Bazaar. The Best" (Sunday- 17.40, Thursday- 03.40) - a musical program. 

"SMS-air" (weekdays - 14.00) - an interactive entertainment request-based show. 

"Theater of Belarusian Radio" (Saturday- 21.00) - original radio productions of Belarusian and foreign works. 

"Theatrosphere" (Sunday- 22.05) - a program about Belarusian theater. 

"Night Shift" (daily- 00.10) - an interactive show about people who work at night. 

"Language Minute" (weekdays - 12.40, 15.58, 17.55) - an educational program about distinguishing features of the modern Belarusian language.