Eurovision 2017

NaviBandtook 17th place at Eurovision 2017

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The winner of the 62nd Eurovision Song Contest is Salvador Sobral, who brought his home country Portugal the first ever victory in Eurovision history. 

Спасибо NaviBand за прекрасное выступление!

NaviBand with its Story of My Life song to perform No. 3 in Eurovision final May 13.


Eurovision-2017 international song contest will be held on May 9-13.

The TV channels Belteleradiocompany Belarus 1 and international satellite channel Belarus 24 will traditionally broadcast the two semi-finals and the final the online broadcast will be available on website

In addition to Results of the Week weekly video diaries, No Comments video diaries and daily online diaries of Belarus’ representatives featuring Artem and Ksenia’s photos, emotions and impressions of Eurovision, will tell about the preparation of NaviBand to Eurovision Song Contest 2017 in Kiev.

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On 1 May the official Belarusian delegation will leave for the Eurovision Song Contest 2017


On 1 May, the official Belarusian delegation, which includes representatives of Belteleradiocompany, NaviBand and their creative team, will leave for the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 held in Kiev. Belarus takes part in Europe’s most popular song contest for the 14th time.

This year, the Belarusian team includes 23 people. They are Deputy Director of the Main Directorate of the TV channel Belarus 1 and coordinator of the projects of Belteleradiocompany and the European Broadcasting Union Olga Salamakha (the head of the delegation), Deputy General Producer of Belteleradiocompany Olga Shlyager (the head of the Eurovision project in Belarus), vocal producer Olga Drozdova, phoniatrist Igor Odnokozov, PR manager Sergei Andrianov, as well as film crews of the TV Infoservice of Belteleradiocompany (ATN) and "Eurovision Diaries", and others. NaviBand will also have backing vocalists – these are Mikhail Sosunov and "Trio BeatreeS" – Olga Rozaleon-Sashalskaya, Anna Chet, and Alena Verbitskaya.

NaviBand has several individual rehearsals planned in Kiev. The first rehearsal is scheduled for 3 May. The second rehearsal and an individual press conference are scheduled for 6 May.

On 7 May, the official opening of the Euroweek will take place at the "Parkovy" Convention and Exhibition Center in Kiev. The official delegation of our country will take part in the opening ceremony. On the same day, the red carpet of the contest will be unveiled on the Constitution Square and the alley next to the Mariyinsky Palace. On 9 May, Ukraine will host the first Semi-Final of the song contest. 

NAVIBAND will perform in the second part of the second semi-final

Eurovision 2017

The official representative of our country at the international song contest Eurovision-2017 group NAVIBAND will perform in the second part of the second semi-final which will take place in Kiev (Ukraine) on May, 11.

The draw for the distribution of the participating countries between the two semi-finals of the competition has taken place today, on January, 31.

In total, 43 countries will participate in this year's competition. It has been determined that 18 countries will perform in the first semi-final on May, 9; 19 countries will perform in the second semi-final on May, 11.

Participants of the second semi-final together with the representative of Belarus are Macedonia, Malta, the Netherlands, Serbia, Denmark, Russia, Romania, Hungary, Austria, Ireland, Switzerland, Estonia, Israel, Bulgaria, San Marino, Lithuania, Croatia, Norway.

Big Five countries - Italy, Spain, Germany, France, the UK - and the organizer of this year's competition - Ukraine - reach the final (on May, 13) automatically, but they will also broadcast the semi-finals and vote for the participants. Italy, Spain and the UK will evaluate the contestants of the first semi-final, while Germany, France and Ukraine will vote in the second semi-final.

The running order of participants in the semi-finals will be determined by the producers of the show. Such a system of distribution of contestants in the semi-finals has been operating for several years and allows organizers to make the show more spectacular and unique.

NAVIBAND to represent Belarus at 2017 Eurovision Song Contest


Belteleradiocompany has hosted the final concert of the 2017 Eurovision national selection. The national selection winner and, consequently, the official representative of Belarus at the Eurovision Song Contest is NAVIBAND, who scored the most points.

The winner was announced live on the TV channels Belarus 1 and Belarus 24. The show was also broadcast live on Belteleradiocompany’s website and the radio station Radius FM.

The winner was presented a special award - a stylised Eurovision heart.

2017 Eurovision national selection final to be held on 20 January

The 2017 Eurovision national selection final winner, who will represent Belarus at the Eurovision Song Contest in Kiev, will be selected during a live show to be broadcast on the TV channels Belarus 1 and Belarus 24 on 20 January.

Meanwhile, Belteleradiocompany continues preparations for the final gala concert. Equipment and stage installation has started today in the 600m studio, where the finalists will hold individual rehearsals on 19 January. General run-throughs of the show will be held live in the evening of 19 January and on 20 January just before the final.

The final show will start at 22:00 to be broadcast live from the 600m studio on the TV channels Belarus 1 and Belarus 24 and on Belteleradiocompany’s website The concert will also be broadcast live on Radius FM.

According to the organisers, the show promises to be vibrant and colourful with a lot of surprises ranging from image quality to interesting graphics solutions that are sure to impress the audience.

Besides the finalists, the show will feature special guests such as Teo, Uzari and IVAN, who previously represented Belarus at Eurovision, as well as the most outstanding contestants of the current national selection.
The show’s hosts will be Olga Ryzhikova and Teo.

Belarus’ representative at the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest in Kiev will be selected by the viewers and a professional jury according to the classic 50x50 formula during the broadcast of the final show.

By the way, this time the finalists along with TV presenter Evgeny Perlin will be waiting for voting results in a specially assigned Green Room.

The order of performances of finalists of Eurovision 2017 national selection round was determined

Belteleradiocompany continues preparations for the final of the National qualifying round of the International Song Contest Eurovision-2017.

Today the order of performances of finalists was determined in the media holding. According to the results of the draw, the contestants will perform in the following order:

1. July (Yulia Korenyuk);

2. Alexandra Tkach;

3. Vladislav Kurasov;

4. Group NAVI;

5. ISAAK NIGHTINGALE (Vadim Kapustin);




9. Nikita Hodas.

10. Angelica Pushnova;

11. Anastasia Sheverenko;


13. Group PROvokatsia.

During the working meeting of the organizers with the performers, the main aspects of the preparation for the final show were identified, as well as legal issues of cooperation of contestants with the media holding.

On December, 20, the creative team of the project will begin shooting postcards for each of the 13 finalists. Director Yuri Jaroshik says that this year, the symbolism of the Belarusian ornament will be used as the basis of postcards.

The final show will take place on January 20, 2017 in the format of a concert. Live broadcast will be held by the TV channels Belarus 1 and Belarus 24.

The official representative of our country at the international song contest Eurovision-2017 in Kiev (Ukraine) will be determined during the broadcast of the final concert by means of audience and jury voting 50;50.

 Organization of the national qualifying round and further preparation of the Belarusian participant of the international song contest Eurovision-2017 is carried out by the BTRC as the country’s only member of the European Broadcasting Union.