22 December 2014
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Broadcast of Olympic Games 2014 to become a major TV event in February

The XXII Winter Olympic Games will be held in Sochi on February 7-23, 2014. The Belarusian audience will see this major sport event alongside millions of other viewers all over the world. The Olympic Games in our country will be broadcasted by TV channels Belarus 1, Belarus 2 and Belarus 5.
The principal media holding possesses exclusive rights for the broadcast of XXII Winter Olympic Games and will provide a large-scale coverage of this major sport event.
The experience of large-scale coverage of the Olympic Games in London and Beijing will be used to transfer the thrill of sport competitions in the best and most interesting way.
Belteleradiocompany' Olympic team composed of 25 professionals will go to Sochi to broadcast the Games. The competitions will be commented by Vladimir Novitysky, Pavel Baranov, Alexander Kazukevich, Sergey Matskevich, Alexander Dmitriyev and Alexander Tsvechkovsky.
The audience of Belarus 1 will enjoy the opening and closing ceremonies of the Games and the final of the hockey tournament. The daily Olympic Diaries, which will be aired after The Panorama program, will tell the audience about the most interesting and exciting moments of the Games. Olympic stories will also be present in news editions of TV Infoservice.
All competitions featuring Belarusian sportsmen, such as biathlon, freestyle, and ski race will be demonstrated on Belarus 2 as well as the most important hockey games and other interesting and exciting competitions.
Reports from simultaneous competitions will be made in the roll call mode.
During the Games Belarus 5 will turn into Olympic channel with 19-hours of broadcast, during which a maximal number of various sport events will be demonstrated. It will also release a daily project: "Olympics. Results of the Day".
The total volume of Olympic broadcast on the TV channels of the media holding will be over 400 hours.
Belteleradiocompany invites the sport buffs to watch the performance of our athletes on TV channels Belarus 1, Belarus 2 and Belarus 5 February 7-23, 2014.
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