22 December 2014
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Radio: 1st Channel

Belarusian Radio
4, Krasnaya St., Minsk 220807, Belarus
Tel.: (+375-17) 284 84 24
Fax: (+375-17) 290 62 42
E-mail: radio1@tvr.by

1st Channel
1 канал радио November 15, 1925 saw the ceremonial introduction of the first radio-broadcasting terminal in the city of Minsk. The same day at 06:30 PM the words "You are listening to Minsk!" were wirelessly broadcast for the first time.
Now local people could follow the news immediately from the Belarusian capital and in their native language. The station was also an effective education means. The first radio station could not broadcast farther than 200 miles and its programming was limited to 30 minutes a day. And the time of commercial radio sets production was still ahead.
That is how the Belarusian Radio started.

Today Belarusian radio is a modern, highly-technological structure that consists of two national channels and 3 radio stations.
One of the key priorities of the Belarusian Radio's new broadcasting policy is promotion of national and world culture. This mission is successfully carried out by the channel "Culture".
Since May 1962, a regular broadcast of the Belarusian Radio has been available for international audience. The programs of radio station "Belarus" are aired in 5 languages: Belarusian, Russian, Polish, English and German. The radio station holds live Internet broadcasting in English.
The Belarusian Radio is always fertile in new plans. A new radio station "Radius FM" was unveiled July 12, 2003.
The audience also enjoys listening to radio station "Stolitsa" which covers life of Minsk Region.

The "trademark" of the Belarusian Radio is the First National Channel - the largest radio channel in Belarus. Efficiency and accessibility form the base of broadcasting priorities.
The channel has the widest broadcasting network. FM / VHF / LW / MW / SW transmitters, wired network (more than 3.3 million subscribers) provide coverage of 100% of the republic and border regions of Russia, Ukraine and EU countries.
Radio and television broadcasting in FM and on-line on the Internet is 24/7.
The viewing grid is based on the combination of information, thematic and musical programs, focused on the listening audience of 35+.
Newscasts, weather forecast, commercials, programs and music non-stop form the structure of hours.
Around a hundred programs with different genre and thematic focus are broadcast by the channel. The most popular projects are information programs "Radiofact", "Postfactum", "Partner" (information for business people), "SMS-broadcast", "Good morning!" and others.
The programs widely use interactive SMS-services.
According to the Institute of Sociology at the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, the channel ranks first among the radio stations in the country and the capital.
The First National Channel is a multiple winner of the national contest "Brand of the Year" in the consumer and professional categories (in 2009 - "Brand Heritage").

One can listen to the BR on the frequencies 1075, 49 and 4,21 m (279 kHz, 6115 kHz and 71,33 MHz) and in the FM range (Minsk - 106.2 MHz, Brest - 100 MHz, Vitebsk - 100.5 MHz, Gomel - 105.1 MHz, Grodno - 103.0 MHZ, Mogilev - 105.9 MHz) m as well as on frequencies, broadcast by local transmitters and radio stations.
The technical capacity of the BR provides the broadcast of its programs not only through the entire Belarusian territory, but also in the border regions of Poland, Lithuania and Latvia.
The Belarusian radio has broadcasted programs in Russian regions since 15 June, 1998. The Belarusian programs are aired in Russia every day starting from 06:00 AM until 08:00 AM (local time) (256,4 and 25.08 m) (1170 and 11960 kHz), from 12:00 AM through 02:00 PM (local time) on 1170 and 11960 kHz), starting 6:00 PM till 8:00 at 256,4 m (1170 kHz), 42,2 m (7105 kHz).
Belarusian Radio programs could be heard in Ukraine every day from 06:00 AM through 01:00 AM (local time) on 6080 kHz or 49,3 m.

Being always with our listeners, solving important problems together, making the best of our time is what the motto "Let's stay together" of the most popular radio implies.

Director of the First National Channel of Belarusian Radio: Anton Vasiukevich.

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