ALEKSEEV (Nikita Alekseev) is a popular Ukrainian singer, one of the most successful and well known artists of new musical generation. His voice is recognizable from thousands of others, songs are able to bring back faith in love and truth, the singer is known because of unique way of performance and entirely new sound. ALEKSEEV is the owner of more than 20 musical awards. He was awarded the title "Singer of the year" in Belarus and twice in Russia. The owner of platinum single on iTunes. Will represent Belarus at Eurovision Song Contest 2018.
ALEKSEEV (artistic name of Nikita Alekseev) was born on May 18, 1993 in Kiev (Ukraine). He started playing music at the age of 10 and already at school organized his own band. Famous Western musicians Queen, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Lenny Kravitz, Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake were his inspiration for creativity. In 2010 ALEKSEEV entered the University and decided to become a marketer but he couldn't live without music and created the student musical group "Mova" played mostly the songs of Red Hot Chili Peppers.

At the age of 18 the future artist first tried to get in the popular music project "Voice of the Country" (Ukraine) but did not pass auditions. In 2014 he decided try again and during "blind auditions" famous singer Ani Lorak who came second at ESC 2008 gave him a chance and lucky ticket to his future successful career. Despite the fact that ALEKSEEV did not win the show he became the most popular and successful participant of the "Voice of the Country" project in Ukraine.

When the project was finished Oleg Bodnarchuk, one of the most famous and talented creative directors of Eastern Europe, offered ALEKSEEV cooperation and became artist's producer. Soon one of the most popular single "Drunk Sun" (“Пьяное солнце”) was created. It became an unprecedented hit in all countries of Eastern Europe, acquired the status of platinum - 100 000 thousand downloads on iTunes. The official video has gained about 35 million views on YouTube. "Drunk Sun" got into the "Tor-100" of the world chart Shazam as the first Russian-language song. However ALEKSEEV's live show "Drunk Sun" successfully took place in dozens of cities and countries around Europe.

By the end 2017 the geography of ALEKSEEV's concerts consisted of more than 20 countries, including sold-out performances in Israel, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Estonia, Belarus, Russia, Latvia, Germany, Turkey, Egypt, etc. The singer received the silver button of YouTube for more than 100 000 subscribers on his official channel, now this number includes more then 200 thousand!

One of the main awards in artist's career is "Singer of the Year" in Belarus and twice in Russia. He is well known in Belarus and considers himself as Belarusian artist as well. That is why on January 11, 2018 ALEKSEEV took part in Belarusian National Selection for ESC 2018, where peformed the song FOREVER and won the right to represent Belarus at the most popular European song contest.

In addition to music, cinema and literature ALEKSEEV is a passionate fan of football. He plays in an amateur club "Maestro" and if it is possible tries not to miss trainings. His favorite football team is London's "Arsenal" and the footbal player - Thierry Henry.

The main role in ALEKSEEV's life and career was played by his mother. Father was against the child and left the family before the child was born. When Nikita was 12 years old and his mother had problems with work, she asked boy's father for help but he refused. Despite all this Nikita's mom always asked her son to find an opportunity and get to know his father instead of being angry and sad. It didn't happen so far but ALEKSEEV hopes one day they will meet and hug.

Today ALEKSEEV is one of the most successful and well known artists of new musical generation. All his songs and performances have one idea - with the help of his voice to open in people the best emotions and feelings. And at the same time the main goal of participating at ESC is to share his own feelings and emotions with millions of viewers all over Europe. ALEKSEEV hopes that one of them will be his father, who he has never seen before, and that with the help of Eurovision they will find each other