ZENA to perform No. 8 in first semi-final of Eurovision

Порядок выступления на Евровидении 2019

This year, the serial numbers of participants in the semi-finals of Eurovision-2019, as in the previous years, were determined by the producers of the song forum. According to the organizers, this approach allows making the show more spectacular and effective from the point of view of directing.

First semi-final, May 14: 1. Cyprus, 2. Montenegro, 3. Finland, 4. Poland, 5. Slovenia, 6. Czech Republic, 7. Hungary, 8. Belarus, 9. Serbia, 10. Belgium, 11. Georgia, 12. Australia, 13. Iceland, 14. Estonia, 15. Portugal, 16. Greece, 17. San Marino.

Second semi-final, May 16: 1. Armenia, 2. Ireland, 3. Moldova, 4. Switzerland, 5. Latvia, 6. Romania, 7. Denmark, 8. Sweden, 9. Austria, 10. Croatia, 11. Malta, 12. Lithuania, 13. Russia, 14. Albania, 15. Norway, 16. The Netherlands, 17. Northern Macedonia, 18. Azerbaijan.

The final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 will be held in Tel Aviv on May 18.

ZENA to represent Belarus at Eurovision 2019

ЗЕНАThe singer received f 90 out of 70 possible 69 points from the jury. ZENA - Zinaida Kupriyanovich - is the youngest participant in the national selection, her repertoire includes more than 20 author songs. ZENA participated twice in Junior Eurovision selection rounds.

Television channels Belarus 1 and satellite channel Belarus 24, as well as the website of Belteleradiocompany and Radius FM radio station, broadcast the show.

Finalists of National Selection Round of Eurovision Song Contest-2019

Национальный отборочный тур конкурса песни Евровидение 2019 The open audition of the participants of the National Selection Round of the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 has finished in Belteleradiocompany. The professional jury has selected 10 finalists among the contestants who submitted their songs. 

1. Michael Soul, Humanize

2. Eva Kogan, Run

3. ZENA, Like it

4. Alyona Gorbacheva, Can we dream

5. KeyCi, No Love Lost

6. Emmanuel Imagbe, Champion

7. Sebastian Roos, Never Getting Close

8. NAPOLI, Let it go

9. Group Aura, Charavala

10. Group PROvocation, Running Away From The Sun