Belarusian Olympic heroes return to Motherland

24 February 2014
Sergey Gusachenko: Forge No. 1 has just landed in the National Airport Minsk. The Olympic Games in Sochi turned out to be the most successful in the history of our sport. Belarus won 6 medals including 5 gold ones. Due to state support to the sport, our team managed to take the 8th position in the ranking of 88 countries. These several February weeks presented inimitable feelings to all of us. The journalists wonder how our country managed to make such a breakthrough in winter sports. The greeting ceremony was very solemn and bright. The orchestra of the escort of honor performed the march To the Heroes of Sport. Hundreds of fans with flags, banners and flowers attended the press-conference. Tomorrow the heroes will be commended in the Palace of Independence and received by the Head of the State. The greeting ceremony was very solemn and bright. High interest to the event made the organizers introduce special accreditation for the ceremony.