Belarus has 2nd team place. 45 medals: 15 gold, 11 silver and 19 bronze

26 June 2019

Our athletes overcame the bar of Baku - 43 medals. So, we have the second team place. 45 medals for today: 15 gold, 11 silver and 19 bronze medals. 

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko congratulated Marina Litvinchuk and Olga Khudenko on winning the gold medal in a double kayak at 500 meters.

Bronze was taken by  Oleg Yurenya in  1000m K1.  Yuri Shcherbatsevich got a  silver in bullet shooting. 

Vladimir Vladimirovich Shantarovich, the head coach of the national team of Belarus in rowing and canoeing, didn’t hide his medal plan from the start of the 2nd European Games: we have to climb the podium 5 times. Tomorrow 11 sets of awards will be played in Zaslavl.