Belarusian national team wins 7 European Athletics Championships awards

13 August 2018

7 medals, this is the result of the performance of the Belarusian national team at the European Athletics Championships, which ended yesterday in Berlin.

On the final day of the competition, our gold medalists will receive their 2nd gold medals! In the women's marathon nobody was equal to Olga Mazurenok. Moreover, thanks to this triumph and excellent performance of Olga's partners on the team: Marina Dementsevich, Anastasia Ivanova and Nina Savina, the Belarusian national team won the first team place in the marathon! They were personally congratulated by the Head of State Alexander Lukashenko.

3 gold medals, 1 silver and 3 bronze medals allowed the national team of Belarus taking the 7th place in the overall medal standings, ahead of Spain, the Netherlands, Italy, and the Czech Republic. At the European Championship in 2016, our country had three medals: one gold and two silver ones.