The responsibility of athletes and medal prospects was discussed today at the Olympic meeting

19 November 2019
The maximum result at the Games in Tokyo is a question of the athlete’s responsibility to the country.  Today at the Olympic meeting, the medal prospects and development paths of the Belarusian sports industry were discussed. Sport of high achievements: goals and opportunities The closest attention is to the summer Olympic species.  The good result that Belarusians demonstrated at home European games is not a reason for complacency.  World-class competition is much more serious. 

Almost all the world championships this season have already been completed, so you can summarize.  Our athletes have won a total of eight awards, two of which are gold.  The main hopes at the main start of the four-year period are connected with rowers and pentathletes.  At the same time, a number of sports and disciplines in which Belarusians are traditionally strong do not reach the prize places at the world level.  Hence the difficulties even at the stage of selection for the Games in Tokyo.

Result reward

A lot has been done for the sport of top achievements in the country because the results of athletes are the image of the country.  And exactly for the result, there will be a corresponding reward.  This approach is not valid for the first year, but all the results of the Olympic cycle will be summed up next year.

Viktor Lukashenko Elected as First Vice President of NOC Organizational issues were also solved today 

Viktor Lukashenko was elected to the post of first vice president of the National Olympic Committee.  His candidacy was supported by participants in the Olympic meeting.

Legendary athletes awarded

Today, our legendary athletes were celebrated.  Ekaterina Karsten and Alexandra Gerasimenya have been in the top of the world rowing and swimming ratings for many years, and have also been noted at the top of the podiums of the World Championships and the Olympic Games.  For high sports achievements, as well as great services in promoting the ideals and principles of Olympism, the popularization of sports and a healthy lifestyle, athletes were awarded honorary badges of the NOC of Belarus.

On the way to Tokyo

The struggle for the right to speak at the Games in Tokyo will continue until the end of June next year.  Finally lost the chances for a license national teams in water polo, football and field hockey.  Nevertheless, the national team has about 200 more candidates representing 28 sports.