Summer Youth Olympics. Gold in judo team tournament and bronze in sports acrobatics

11 October 2018

Triumph of the Belarusian judo at the Summer Youth Olympics in Buenos Aires.

Artem Kolosov, following the gold medal of individual competitions in the weight category up to 55 kilograms, became the winner of the team tournament. He made a significant contribution to the success of the combined team, in which there were also representatives from Croatia, Italy, Uzbekistan, Mexico, Venezuela and Taiwan.

A15-year-old Belarusian Anastasia Shkurdai won silver in 50-meter butterfly swimming. In total, our team has four medals at the games in Argentina.

And another reward of Belarusians was won by a pair of acrobats Victoria Ahotnikova and Ilya Fomenkov, who won the bronze. After four days of competition, our team at the games in Argentina has five medals.

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