Less than a day remains before main sport event of the year

13 June 2018

Belarus Alexander Lukashenko will attend the ceremony and the opening match of the World Cup at the invitation of his Russian counterpart. This information was confirmed by the press secretary of the Head of the Belarusian State, Natalia Eismont. The mundial starts at the Moscow stadium "Luzhniki". On the occasion of the World Cup, a number of foreign leaders will arrive in the Russian capital to attend the opening ceremony. International competitions will be held in 11 cities of Russia. Each of the championship games will be shown live on TV channels Belarus 2 and Belarus 5.

More than 35 thousand volunteers from 112 countries of the world, including Belarus, will help the guests and participants of the World Cup. Belarusian volunteers will come to all 11 cities-organizers of the World Cup and will work as translators, photographers, interact with the media, as well as assist spectators in matches.

11 cities, 12 stadiums, 32 teams. The World Cup will last a whole month. The final is on July 15. Watch live broadcast from the stadium "Luzhniki" on Belarus 5.

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