Belarusian miracle on courts of Beijing

4 October 2018

Aryna Sabalenka continues her triumphal procession. And even the ex-champion of the tournament Caroline Garcia was unable to stop the Belarusian tennis player today. But at first, everything was not in favor of Aryna. The Belarusian inferior in the first set 5-7.

Having an advantage in the long run, Garcia confidently began the second set. Everything developed according to the French plan, Sabalenka at the start was already losing 0-3. The drama of the moment reached its heat. She needed a tactical move. And Aryna called for help coach Dmitry Tursunov. And you need to know our Aryna! The words of Tursunov, plus confidence in further actions, the iron unyielding will did their job. The Belarusian made an incredible, demonstrating all the strength of will and desire to win, she returned to the game and confidently won the second set in a tie-break.

Garcia was not ready for such a thing psychologically and lost the third decisive game at zero. Our Aryna Sabalenka, having played an incredible match against the eighth racket of the world, goes to the quarterfinals of the tournament in Beijing.

Considering that this exciting game was broadcast on Belarus-5 in the daytime and not all tennis the fans could watch it, Belarus 1 will show the match in the record today immediately after the Panorama program. The match for the semi-finals versus Chinese Wang Qiang will begin tomorrow at approximately 16.00. Watch the live broadcast on Belarus 5.