"All-weather friendship." President meets with Chinese Ambassador to Belarus Cui Qiming

29 March 2020
The high level of partnership between Belarus and China is called "all-weather friendship". We are not talking about climate change, of course, but about the sustainability of our ties in politics, diplomacy, economics, social development and culture. Joint projects are guaranteed to withstand difficult conditions. 

This was the subject of a week-long meeting between the President and Chinese Ambassador to Belarus Cui Tsimin at the Independence Palace. They discussed in detail the projects that are now successfully undergoing a "stress test" for strength. 

The Chinese side shares this optimism, and there are good reasons for it. At the end of last week, another major Chinese corporation entered our joint Great Stone, becoming the 59th resident of the Park. The new investor will deal with scientific developments in the automotive industry. And this is exactly what the Great Stone was created for - new technologies come to our country, innovative product is supplied for export.