Oncology center in Borovlyany visited by Head of State

30 October 2019
A care home was opened there for the patients, who temporarily undergo outpatient treatment, and now their relatives can live next door. Also, the territory of the center includes a complex of buildings for medical personnel. The event is important, especially for young families and visiting specialists. This is a serious step to strengthen the medical profession. And this is only the beginning, the construction of social facilities here will continue: schools, dormitories, hospitals.

The Centre for Oncology and Radiology receives more than 2,000 foreigners every year. Patients from Ukraine, Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan come to recover and start their lives anew. Thanks to modern equipment in the center, specialists can detect tumor diseases at the earliest stages. 

The President visited the center today. But the festive tradition is not an excuse to speak only about achievements, the President never forgets about problems. Of course, it is also an opportunity to talk about the situation in the health care system. 

Thanks to modern diagnostic techniques, the disease is treated  in 75% of cases. For example, in this center, both Belarusian and foreign patients can move to the most comfortable wards for an additional fee.

More than 2000 specialists work in this center. They have to cope with the psychological burden. In a  couple of days they are  going open a treatment and diagnostic unit here. 

Irina Danilenko, Deputy Director of the Russian National Research Center for Oncology and Medical Radiology named after Alexandrov: "The department is designed for 10-15 rooms of high comfort. This will be a treatment and diagnostic department, which will be able to accommodate not only patients, but also relatives. All conditions have been created for this purpose, individual nutrition of patients, care for these patients, individual doctors are provided".