Meeting on quality of law enforcement in Belarus held in Palace of Independence

20 August 2019

Fairness, legitimacy and efficiency. A meeting on the quality of the work of the country's law enforcement agencies is held in the Palace of Independence. protecting human rights and life is the main task of the system. And the trust of people depends on how smoothly the whole mechanism functions. The President emphasizes the inevitability of punishment for the crime, but also draws attention to the problems. He emphasizes that the current meeting should be historic. Inspection revealed a lot of flaws on many different levels. By the way, often the facts are exposed after the appeals of citizens. And Belarusians have the right to count on the result, because all conditions have been created for the quality work of law enforcement. The Head of State announced a meeting with the law enforcement unit of the country exactly a week ago, during the report of the head of the Investigative Committee of Belarus. The reason was the results of the investigation of a number of criminal cases.