Visit of President of China to be major foreign policy event

17 April 2015

The visit of the President of China will be a major foreign policy event. This was stated at the meeting of the President of Belarus with Deputy Minister of Commerce of China. The Chinese delegation arrived in our country in order to prepare the economic and trade aspects of the upcoming meeting. It is necessary to agree on specific areas and points of contact. Many projects testify the strategic partnership between the two countries. Over the last year the turnover exceeded $ 4 billion. However, given the joint potential, it is not the limit. Belarus is ready to rapidly increase economic performance and, above all, its exports to China. And the key aspect here is direct cooperation with the regions of China. An important moment in the history of relations is the creation of the industrial park Great stone. It will be a platform aimed to revive the Silk Road connecting Asia and Europe. By Olga Makei.

The Belarusian capital has recently been visited by Deputy Prime Minister of the State Council and Minister of Foreign Affairs of China. What has been done and what projects need to be realized, was discussed today by the President of Belarus and Deputy Minister of Commerce of China.

The idea of ​​building a new Silk Road linking Europe and Asia was suggested by Xi Jinping in 2013. It will create a transport network from the Pacific Ocean to the Baltic Sea, with reduced barriers to trade and investment. Experts estimate that by 2020 the volume of freight traffic between China and Europe will have exceeded 170 million tons. Belarus is ready to offer its assistance in the implementation of this project.

At the time the most significant part of the bilateral cooperation is the creation of a joint industrial park. Great stone will combine innovation with export potential. Beijing is interested in seeing strong and competitive companies as residents of the economic area. The Chinese President pays special attention to this project.

Alexander Lukashenko visited Beijing 7 times. Xi Jinping visited Belarus in 2010, though as Vice Chairman of the PRC. He is expected to visit Belarus again in May. During his visit five years ago, the two countries agreed to cooperate in energy, automotive, transport communications.

Since then China has invested in the modernization of the energy sector. A car factory has been established, a road in the Gomel region has been reconstructed. Due to Chinese investment Belarusian cement industry has become competitive.

With the participation of Chinese partners more than 20 investment projects in various fields: energy, construction, transport - are implemented in Belarus. Alexander Lukashenko emphasizes: China is ready to invest in the Belarusian economy, but for Chinese investments really effective projects are required. The ways of using the potential of the strategic partnership were discussed today.

Inter-regional cooperation is the key to the growth of trade between Belarus and China. The trade turnover now reaches $4 billion. Our exports to China total to more than a billion dollars.

The balance is negative and this problem is to be solved. China mainly buys our potash, software, combines and lumber and sells computer equipment, communications equipment, spare parts for cars and shoes.

The visit of President of China to Belarus will give new impetus to the bilateral cooperation. It is necessary to take the opportunity and promote strategic partnership to a new level.