Alexander Lukashenko discusses important aspects of bilateral relations with President of Moldova at Palace of Independence

10 April 2019

Alexander Lukashenko discussed today the international agenda and important points of bilateral relations with President of Moldova Igor Dodon. The leaders held negotiations in the Palace of Independence. The Heads of State meet regularly and build a trusting dialogue between Minsk and Chisinau. The countries have longstanding good relations and strong ties. The views on many issues are the same. In any case, such a meeting is an opportunity to exchange views on various topics. It is expected that the current dialogue will give impetus to the development of relations between the states.

In Moldova, there are more than 60 representative offices and distributors of Belarusian enterprises, including three assembly plants. On the streets of the capital you can see the Belarusian trolley buses. 70% of the agricultural car park belongs to MTZ brand. We supply municipal equipment, lifts and medicines to Chisinau. There are agreements on cooperation in the field of health care and the participation of the Belarusian side in reconstruction and construction of roads in Moldova.

Chisinau is ready to cooperate with Minsk in all spheres: industry, agriculture, medicine and education. The technical assistance rendered by Minsk is especially appreciated in Moldova. Igor Dodon often repeats that he wants to make his country look like Belarus. Well, the leaders try to maintain contacts by meeting outside the protocol events, as well at various international summits, for example, CIS and the EEC.