President makes important personnel decisions

31 October 2019
Rotation in the management of the Investigative Committee offices has touched almost all regions, as well as the capital. The relevant decrees are signed by the Head of State. This was done in order to develop the human resources capacity of the department's units and to continue implementing the anti-corruption policy in the country. 

The principle of rotation of managerial personnel is a good and effective mechanism for preventing potential corruption risks. It has been proven in practice, and not only in Belarus, to be a good mechanism for preventing potential corruption risks, and improving the performance and professionalism of managers. 

Dmitry Konoplyanik, who had previously headed the department of the Investigative Committee of Minsk, was appointed head of the Investigative Committee of Brest Region.

Meanwhile, Sergei Pasco will be in charge of Minsk. He will have to move fr om Gomel, wh ere he was the head of the regional administration. The position of the Head of the Investigation Committee of Gomel Region will be taken by an experienced investigator Sergei Udovikov, who was the head of the Main Directorate for the Investigation of Organized Crime and Corruption of the Investigative Committee. 

Rotations were also held in other regional offices of the Investigative Committee 

For example, in Vitebsk Region it will be headed by Pavel Ignatov. Andrey Lis will head the Department of the Investigative Committee for Minsk Region. 

The Investigation Committee was established as a result of a major reform of the law enforcement structures. For more than 8 years the department has been working steadily. The decision to form it was based on the principle that the investigation must be as unbiased as possible and therefore independent. 

The Committee's work is aimed at the unbiased and comprehensive investigation of criminal cases, in all regions and in all positions.