Zimbabwe and Belarus Presidents to hold talks in Palace of Independence

17 January 2019

Little time remains before the start of direct talks between the Belarusian leader and the President of Zimbabwe in Minsk at the Palace of Independence. Experts, analyzing the current state of affairs in relations between the two countries, talk about reaching the strategic level of partnership. By the way, the Zimbabwean party calls the visit a strategic one. This republic in South Africa is now experiencing a difficult stage of new industrialization and "state assembly" after a series of political and economic crises, and therefore needs a reliable political and economic support, including in Europe.

Last year, the parties signed three major contracts for the supply of Belarusian machinery and equipment totaling about $ 60 million. The main positions are combines, trucks, tractors and special equipment. In addition, today the contracts with BelAZ, Amkodor and a number of agricultural producers are being further developed.

At the new stage, we offer large joint projects in energy, agriculture, logistics, exploration and mining. By the way, Zimbabwe is just a storehouse of the most valuable resources in Africa - rare metals, and gold, and iron ore with diamonds. In this sense, the Belarusians already have a reputation - our BelAZ trucks work in the quarries, and recently our sophisticated equipment was bought to modernize diamonds processing.

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