Presidents of Belarus and Sudan hold talks in Minsk

10 December 2018

These days, the President of Sudan is paying an official visit to us. Alexander Lukashenko stated at the meeting: Belarus is determined to implement all the agreements with Sudan including joint projects in gold mining, mechanical engineering, and education. Many obstacles have been removed right during the negotiations. Sudan is an important partner for the advancement of our country on the African continent. The signed package of documents will facilitate the work of the governments of the two states.

In the past year and a half, big progress has been made in bilateral relations. The impetus for the development of dialogue was the visit of our President to Khartoum in the winter of 2017. It was at the suggestion of Alexander Lukashenko that contacts between Belarus and Sudan are developing.

The agricultural sector and oil are the basis of the economy of this African country. Belarus is increasing its exports to this country. In 2018, tractor equipment, metal products, internal combustion engines, pumps and compressors, electrical equipment were supplied to the Sudanese market. Minsk and Khartoum are counting on more than just the exchange of goods.

To improve mutual settlements, it was agreed that our companies would mine gold in Sudan. It became known that President Omar al-Bashir had made a decision to provide a second field for this. We are ready to organize joint assembly of automobile and agricultural machinery in Sudan.

It will be not just an assembly plant, but a whole industrial center. These are already working in Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. Such an enterprise is functioning not far from Dushanbe: tractors are produced there, but most importantly, local personnel are trained.

Another large-scale project is the creation of a meat and dairy complex in Sudan. During his visit to the African country, the President of Belarus drew attention: animal husbandry is developed, and there is no place to process meat and milk. Belarus is ready to help and create a whole complex of a full cycle: from cultivation to processing.

Minsk and Khartoum are able to take cooperation in the trade and economic sphere to a new level.

In a joint statement, the leaders agreed to strengthen the partnership. Agreements in the tax area are among the signed documents. The parties agreed on mutual assistance in legal and customs matters. There is a memorandum of cooperation in industry. Belarus can do a lot for the agricultural sector of Sudan. In the presence of the leaders, contracts on the supply of grain complexes were signed.

The visit of the President of Sudan continues. Tomorrow meetings in parliament will be held. The embassy of Sudan will open in Minsk. Belarus is ready to open its representative office in Khartoum in the future.