President of India on an official visit in Belarus

3 June 2015

Andrei Krivosheev: Today is the main day of the negotiations. Alexander Lukashenko and Pranab Mukherjee held talks in narrow and expanded format. Both countries are focused on building a deeper and more extensive relationships and clearly not satisfied with the current level of bilateral trade. Now it is $ 400 million. The parties are willing to establish a fruitful and mutually beneficial cooperation in such fields as engineering, TV production, pharmaceuticals, IT, banking and finance.

This is the first official visit of the leader of the third world economy establishing close ties between the two countries.

Indian leader brought to Belarus an impressive delegation of managers and business decisions and actions that determine the future of trade, investment and key sectors of the economy - potassium, engineering, pharmaceuticals, IT, light industry, and even broadcasting and space.

Alexander Lukashenko noted the warmth of the meeting - and in terms of the weather, and in terms of trust.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus: "Mr. President, let me first of all welcome you on the Belarusian land. I was pleased to hear from you a few kind remarks on the weather as compared to Scandinavia. We already have some history of our relations during my visit to India, we met the Minister of Foreign Affairs. Those visits to India have been very successful, and they laid the foundation of our relations with India.

We have never concealed pride in our relations with India. I have always said that the attempts to isolate Belarus, to put pressure on our country are hopeless while we have a relationship with such huge countries as yours.

And I want you to know that we are ready to go this way quickly, efficiently, responsibly and raise our trade and economic relations to the level corresponding to our potentials. As for politics and diplomacy, we have never had a negative relationship, we never had a problem in the relationship. I want to assure you that this will continue on the part of Belarus."

Pranab Mukherjee, President of India: "Thank you. First of all, I would like to express my deep appreciation for the very warm welcome and hospitality extended to me and my delegation.

The first official visit of the President of India to the Republic of Belarus in itself is the best evidence of how India is interested in deepening and expanding relations with Belarus.

"India was one of the first countries to recognize the independence of the Republic of Belarus and establish diplomatic relations. "

"The importance of India to Belarus is recognized in all international for a, from the United Nations to the WTO and the Non-Aligned Movement. Belarus is grateful for that, " said the President of Belarus.

"Belarus and India are very similar. And the authority of the Indian leader who passed all stages of government, including both houses of Parliament, the ministries of finance, tax, trade, defense and foreign affairs in India is simply indisputable. "

The first ever visit of the President of India to Belarus is fateful. It takes place at the right time, when the two countries undergo modernization.

Sitaram Sharma, the Honorary Consul of Belarus in Calcutta: "I believe that this visit is very important for at least two reasons. Firstly, it comes at a time when important transformation is taking place in India as well as in Belarus. And Belarus has seriously expanded its presence in South Asia, through the creation of joint ventures and investment.

Second, today the Government of India has launched the most ambitious program over the past decade. If private companies want to establish direct contacts, expand trade or invest in production, for this, they need direct support at the highest level."

Today, India is modernizing the entire energy sector, aiming for the real sovereignty.

Belarusian machinery actually passed severe tests on price, quality and vitality in hot climate of India and even showed better results than the Japanese and American vehicles.

Samar Shakeel, chief executive of Belaz-Enrika Mining Equipments Services (Belarus - India): "The main goal of our joint production is to convince customers in the quality of our equipment. Because the main trouble in the Soviet period was a lack of quality service and after-sales service. That's why after the collapse of the Soviet Union we lost to Western companies in the competition. "

By the end of next year, the Indian industry giants are planning to launch at least three projects in Belarus.

Interestingly, the maximum support to joint projects in the pharmaceutical industry in India is provided at the highest governmental level.

Abhay Kumar Singh, Regional Director of the Export Promotion Council on Pharmaceuticals at the Ministry of Trade and Industry, Government of India: "On behalf of the Government of India, we promote forums and conferences with the participation of Belarusian and Indian pharmaceutical companies, support export contracts and industrial cooperation, remove bureaucratic obstacles. Belarus, as well as all the CIS space, is one of our priorities. We are ready to support any initiative in our pharmaceutical and joint projects with Belarusian specialists. The current level of trade in this area, according to my information is about 16.5 million dollars. This is very little in view of our large market and opportunities for our producers. "

It is important that all joint projects are focused on the whole space of Eurasia, the EU and the CIS.

Particular attention is paid to education and technology.

Pranab Mukherjee, President of India: "Despite the fact that the bilateral trade and economic relations are developing dynamically, there are large reserves, taking into account the potential of our countries. We need to diversify the range of trade turnover and strengthen our relationship, to raise the current level of turnover oto 400 million USD. The Government of India has recognized the Belarusian market, this is yet another milestone in our trade and economic relationship. It opens up additional opportunities for Belarus in the Indian market."

Vladimir Makei, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus: "Today we approved the roadmap of our relations. It is actually a conceptual plan of cooperation between Belarus and India in the near future. But it is not a dogma. I think the road map will be expanded. The President has set the task to prepare a concrete plan of our cooperation with specific terms of implementation of projects, with responsibility for securing these projects. In the near future the plan will be prepared.

Today an agreement was reached on cooperation in specific projects. This applies to the supply of our technology in India, primarily agricultural, and joint ventures for the production of our technology in India and joint ventures here. To do this, the Indian government has allocated a $ 100 million loan."

Vladimir Makei, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus: "The first visit of the head of the Indian government to Belarus is truly historic, but this is only the beginning of our full-scale, future-oriented cooperation. There is an invitation to our President to visit India."

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