Cooperation on border between Belarus and Russia discussed at Palace of Independence

14 November 2019
The President of Belarus emphasizes security, international obligations and geopolicy. Our location in the center of Europe, at the cross of transit roads, has its advantages and opportunities and disadvantages: thread of crime proliferation. The position of Belarus on border policy remains clear to the world community. The initiatives on countering illegal migration are being promoted at the sites of major international organizations; barriers to the drugs trafficking, weapons and ammunition are also being put. This work is complex and requires strict coordination with Russian partners.

The countries agreed to protect the western borders of the union state and provide freedom of movement to its citizens jointly in the 90-s. The agreement is approved every 5 years, and it is time to strengthen and update the document. The Secretary of the State Security Council told about that on the basis of the report. The report also focused on the problems of truck lines at the border and mutual obligations of Belarus and Russia on various issues.