Housing construction to be reduced in Minsk. Focus on development of satellite cities

11 March 2019
Complex development of Minsk was discussed today at a meeting of the President with the chairman of the Minsk City Executive Committee. There are several pressing issues on the agenda: from construction volumes and its cost to the development of the National Airport.

Alexander Lukashenko spoke about the need for commissioning the second runway this spring. In the next year or two, an electric train should be launched, which will connect Minsk with the air harbor.

The volume of housing construction in the capital will be annually reduced.

Separate attention will be paid to the price of the square meter. The Head of State commissioned to study the experience of the Plant for Efficient Industrial Designs. A few years ago, the President allowed providing the company with the necessary construction sites, and the organization built housing with a profitability of no more than 5%. If the experiment was a success, it is necessary to continue it.