President holds meeting on draft law on public service

22 January 2019

The incomes of civil servants can rise or fall only in accordance with the growth or decline of the living standards of the entire population. Such a fundamental task was set by the President at a meeting on the draft law on public service.

This document should become a solid basis for the high-quality work of Belarusian leaders, and create conditions for managers to make honest and fair decisions. An effective personnel policy determines the authority of the entire system of government. Therefore, great attention has always been paid to the level of training of state register specialists. Not only pure professionalism, but also high moral qualities are valued here. The developers of the draft law propose to introduce increased requirements for official discipline of civil servants, by analogy with the military service. Scientists and experts who are mostly not engaged in public service worked on the document.

The draft law submitted for consideration establishes an integral system of civil service, which is divided into three separate areas: civil service, military service and service in paramilitary organizations.

Separately, the law contains a set of measures to counter corruption. This trend is traditionally under strict control by the Head of State.