New leadership of military-political bloc of our country appointed today

20 January 2020
The Head of the State adopted a number of personnel decisions today. Minister of Defense Andrei Ravkov was appointed the State Secretary of the Security Council. The position was vacant for several weeks. Stanislav Zas, its former leader, has been heading the CSTO since January.

Andrei Ravkov has been in charge of the Belarusian army for more than 5 years. He intends to improve the national security system and continue to build dialogue with all structures of the power block on a new post.

The Ministry of Defense will be headed by Victor Khrenin, ex-commander of the Western Operational Command. Alexander Volfovich, the former first deputy chief of this department, was appointed the head of the General Staff of the Armed Forces.

The President admits that the candidates for these positions have been considered for several months and all the issues have been taken into account.

The new head of the General Staff is well acquainted with the activities in this post. Alexander Volfovich served as chief for several months. He intends to focus on objectivity more than on formalism in work. Personnel and their training will be prioritized by the new Minister of Defense. The task is to maintain and use the equipment available in the arsenal.

The President outlined common challenges the entire military-political bloc of the country faces. The appointees proved to be capable and devoted to the country to accomplish them.