Most pressing issues on development of Minsk Region outlined by President at meeting with officials of capital region

4 December 2019
The development of Minsk Region, personnel issues, solutions to people's problems were identified by the President. Salaries, jobs, uniform development, business work. In general, everything is important - from the economy to the social sphere. But one of the key demands from the President sounded simple: "The main thing is to hear and solve people's problems." 

Minsk Region is the strongest in Belarus: a half million people, the highest GDP growth - 101%, export amounts to more than $ 6 billion, economic indicators are ahead of the national average. The President outlined further work for the youngest governor in the history of Belarus, Alexander Turchin.

Belarus is in top 5 world leaders in the export of dairy products, which amounts to 4 billion rubles. Minsk Region contributed to that, using digital working methods without personnel reduce. This dairy farm is located in the Dzerzhinsky District. The head of the State required to pay attention to the setbacks as well. 

Investment projects in Minsk Region were highlighted. Money flow is accumulated to electric buses, mining and processing complex and the Great Stone Industrial Park. 

1000 rubles is an average salary in the region, but some professions need a pay rise. 

Local leaders need to work with the public. More than 70% of the appeals of citizens from Minsk Region coming to the President Administration, Council of Ministers or state control are from those, who did not find justice from officials from their city, village or district.

Alexander Turchin's aim is to develop equally efficient policy for Mins region and Minsk itself.