President bestows state awards to representatives of various spheres.

17 January 2020
A beautiful and solemn ceremony was held today at the Independence Palace. The state awards were presented to scientists, cultural workers, athletes, teachers, military, law enforcement and judicial officials. Everyone has heard warm words from the President today. While addressing the guests of the ceremony, Alexander Lukashenko said sincerely that the activity of such talented and indifferent people inspires us all to make new achievements. And recognition of merits at the state level is, of course, a high trust.

By doing research, our scientists contribute to the technological basis of Belarus. People of art create what is called a cultural treasure and the "gold fund" of the country. Athletes with triumphant victories in international competitions allow us to feel an incredible sense of national pride. The work of teachers is important for educating the younger generation. Law enforcement makes us feel safe. Those who today have received high awards contribute their part to the development of the country.