President hands over diplomas of doctors of sciences and certificates of professors

23 January 2020
What does the country expect from scientists? The reason for talking frankly on this topic was the today's ceremony at the Palace of Independence. The President handed over diplomas of doctors of sciences and certificates of professors to those who devoted their life to discoveries in various fields: medicine, energy, engineering, economics, climate and education. The message of the Head of State was simple: your work is noticeable, but you can’t rest on our laurels today. The world is changing rapidly. The contribution of scientists to economy and development is more important than ever. We need developments that can be applied in practice. 

Oksana Pribushenya is an obstetrician-gynecologist, but for more than 12 years she has been engaged in genetics. She advises future parents in the center "Mother and Child". All pregnant women undergo mandatory screening to find out if everything is in order with the baby. Sometimes malformations force parents to make difficult choices. If earlier the diagnosis of geneticists was a sentence for future parents, today there is a real chance to give birth to a healthy baby in difficult situations. It is important that the necessary molecular studies, unlike in many other countries, are carried out free of charge. The school of Belarusian genetics has been famous since Soviet times. This foundation plus modern equipment allows parents to help and promote science. It was for the development of prenatal diagnostics that geneticist Pribushenya received the degree of Doctor of Medical Sciences.

About 20 scientific works were defended in medicine. That’s why there were many doctors today in the Palace of Independence. 

From the hands of the Head of State, doctors of sciences and professors received diplomas and certificates, which now confirm their high status. These are innovators, whose research improve our life, the authority of the country and its political weight on the world stage. What are the Belarusians strong in? Information and space technologies, physics, mechanical engineering, agricultural and biotechnology, medicine. 

Belarus is ready to foster science, the latest decisions of the Head of State are from this series: material incentives for scientists. They motivate. 

They also talked about the weather. Alexander Lukashenko once again blamed weather forecasters for incorrect forecasts. But sometimes a lot depends on the whole climate. The last five years have seen real global warming, which in itself is a risk of different weather extremes. It is no coincidence that UN Secretary General spoke out very metaphorically, calling climate change one of the "horsemen of the Apocalypse."