President: Customs service is a mirror of economy, especially for an export-oriented country

16 September 2019
The results of the work of the customs committee for 8 months, modernization of the infrastructure at the border crossing points and international cooperation was discussed by  the President and the Chairman of the State Customs Committee Yuri Senko. From January to August, almost 6 billion rubles was received to the republican budget. 

Russia's tax maneuver in the oil industry has become one of the reasons for the decrease in revenues from export customs duties for oil products. Other payments controlled by the Customs Committee continue to grow. Now the department is taking steps to compensate for the losses.

Due to Russia's tax maneuver in the oil sector, Belarus (since the beginning of the year) has not received 520 million rubles of customs duties. Part of the amount (301 million dollars) was offset by VAT (these revenues were more than last year) and payments paid by individuals when importing goods (including excise taxes and recycling fees). In addition, international carriers have more often chosen Belarus for the transit of goods, which also contributed to the budget.  For example, 308 thousand tons of cargo was sent to Russia through Belarus (in January-August) more than in the same period of last year.