President tells what he expects from new Belarusian Parliament

16 September 2019
Alexander Lukashenko considers it important to speed up the work of parliament on the adoption of a package of budget documents for 2020. This was stated at the meeting of the President with the speaker of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly Vladimir Andreichenko. The final session of the lower house of the sixth convocation will open on October 2. The standing commissions are considering 60 issues. Specialized commissions are working on a forecast for 2020 and the budget jointly with the government and the Ministry of Finance. Speaking about the work of the legislative body, the President stressed that the parliament plays a big role for national stability. And it is important that all sectors of our society were represented in the new composition.

According to the speaker, about a third of the deputies have already expressed a desire to compete again for the deputy mandate. The current composition of the House of Representatives has worked hard to enhance the legislative framework.