Belarus open for constructive interaction with foreign partners in all fields

21 January 2019

The today’s ceremony at the Palace of Independence has become a reflection of open politics. The President received credentials from 10 different countries - representatives of the EU, Asia, Africa and Central America. We are ready for dialogue on an equal basis with East and West, North and South, if it is built on respect, sincerity and decency.


The political contacts of the official Minsk and Vienna are indeed on the rise. Last June, the President of Austria visited Belarus. Just last week, a new office of the Austrian Embassy in Belarus opened in Minsk.


Cooperation with one more European partner, the Czech Republic, is also developing dynamically. Last year's turnover was close to 400 million dollars.


In the future, another contender for joining the European Union is Montenegro. Naturally, the country activates contacts in the region.


Despite the considerable distance, our country is united with Canada not only by the love of hockey, but also by many years of friendship.


The lack of common borders between Armenia and other members of the Eurasian Economic Union did not hinder the integration. Belarus sends career and agricultural equipment, buses, and trucks to Armenia.


Vietnam was also actively interested in the EEC, having signed an agreement on a free trade zone. The socialist republic is one of the priorities of our country's foreign policy in the Asian region.


Today, our country supplies equipment to almost all African regions. In this market, Belarusian mining dump trucks are in demand. Further prospects in the agro-industrial complex and industry will help reaching a qualitatively new level of cooperation with Gana and Tunisia.


Increasing trade and investment ties. The opening of embassies, new documents, exchange of visits is not a complete list of what the ambassadors arriving in Minsk will have to work with for a single year. Official Minsk is always open for partners and ready for any mutually beneficial projects - it will support any initiative if it is aimed at creation.

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