President of Belarus meets with Prime Minister of Moldova

12 December 2017

By Ilona Krasutskaya: Belarus and Moldova intend to reach a new level of bilateral relations. Prospects and specific projects were discussed today at a meeting of the President of Belarus with the Prime Minister of Moldova.

During the history of diplomatic relations between the two countries, strong political and economic ties have been created. Dialogue is also activated at the highest level. Moldova is a significant partner for Belarus. As of last year, the trade turnover between Minsk and Chisinau amounted to 0.25 billion dollars. The parties intend to at least double it.

There are prospects for the organization of assembly production, the creation of new enterprises in engineering, cooperation in road construction, tractor construction, and agriculture.

It is expected that the two heads of state will be able to talk personally about the foreign policy and economy personally, too. Prime Minister Andrei Kobyakov spoke about the possible visit of the President of Belarus to Moldova prior to negotiations with his Moldovan counterpart. The parties are now working out the terms and the agenda.

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