President of Belarus meets Governor of Novgorod Region

17 October 2019
The President stated that Minsk is open for the dialogue with Novgorod Region on all matters of interest during the meeting with Governor Andrey Nikitin. Belarusian contractors can start building housing and social facilities in Veliky Novgorod and other cities. The turnover for eight months amounted to almost $ 65 million in 2019. Governor Andrey Nikitin visits our country for the first time.

600 thousand people live in Novgorod Region, where gross regional product amounts to 4,5 billion dollars. The region is located in the Northwestern Federal District. Veliky Novgorod is one of the oldest cities in Russia, therefore tourism is profitable there. The main export items are sand, peat, brown coal and even curative mud. The Belarusian dealership network of MTW, Amkodor and Belvest also work there.