President of Belarus meets with head of European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

14 September 2017

Today the President of Belarus discussed new opportunities for small and medium-sized businesses and options for supporting entrepreneurs with the head of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

Our country is actively working now on liberalization of the legislation in this area. The large international financial structure can join this process. Thus, people with initiatives will get even more opportunities to realize themselves, first of all, in the spheres of production and services.

Also, according to the President, Belarus and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development share a common goal - effective use of state property. Therefore, the topic of privatization was raised today. Belarus has been actively cooperating with this financial institution for 25 years. The total investment during this time was about two billion Euros. Since the beginning of the year, 85 million Euros has been allocated for implementation of projects.

In addition to supporting small and medium-sized businesses, this money is used to build motorways and, in general, to develop infrastructure. For example, in Vitebsk, Lida, Polotsk and Orsha, water and wastewater systems were modernized at the expense of the bank. As a result of today's talks, the parties expect to find new directions and formats for joint work.