President of Belarus holds meeting on quality of law enforcement agencies work

20 August 2019

Fairness, legitimacy and effectiveness. The President initiated a serious discussion on the work of the country's law enforcement agencies. The main task of this system is to protect human rights and life. And the trust of people depends on how smoothly the whole mechanism functions. This, as well as the internal political situation, is the basis of stability in the state. 

Today the Head of State clearly outlined all the flaws in the work of law enforcement officers. They relate to the quality of the preliminary investigation, abuse of power, weak prosecutorial supervision, complaints about groundless initiation of criminal proceedings and the facts of detention. Given the high requirements, law enforcement officers will have to change the style of work and improve its quality. 

The theme of justice is so important and sensitive for every person that the President tried to answer all relevant topical questions.

Even a few cases of cruelty cast a shadow on the whole system, the President is sure.