Alexander Lukashenko highly praises relations between Belarus and Latvia

16 January 2020
Minsk and Riga are developing good neighborliness relations. Our President met with Prime Minister of the Baltic Republic Krisjanis Karins today at the Palace of Independence. Alexander Lukashenko suggests to expand cooperation of our countries. Countries trade annually for about half a billion dollars and have close business ties. The main sporting event of 2021 - the World Hockey Championship, which Minsk and Riga will host was touched upon. Latvia seeks opportunities to build a bridge between Minsk and Brussels. The neighbors actively supported the removal of restrictions from our country. Both countries possess high potential for cooperation.

Latvia as a neighbor speaks for independence and stability in Belarus. The Baltic Prime Minister proposes to expand logistics projects to facilitate mutually beneficial partnership. Riga has recently manages its ports differently now. They are completely controlled by the government. Krisjanis Karins confirmed the possibility of oil deliveries through Latvian ports to our country.

Krisjanis Karins' visit will make the basis for future high-level agreements. Bilateral cooperation will continue to be discussed in Riga. Alexander Lukashenko was invited to visit Latvia.