President Alexander Lukashenko sends greetings to residents and guests of Novopolotsk on city’s 60th anniversary

9 June 2018

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko has congratulated the residents and guests of Novopolotsk on the 60th anniversary of the city's founding.

"Over these years, a small town has turned into a large industrial and cultural centre with a powerful economic and intellectual potential – owing to the painstaking and honest work of its residents. Their efforts and glorious deeds have already been inscribed in the history of the independent Belarus," the letter reads.

The President expressed sincere gratitude to all those who worked hard to build the city and dynamically develop it today. "Over its short history, Novopolotsk has trained several dynasties of professionals, the city has raised Olympic champions and uncovered the talents of prominent cultural and art personas, and the city’s contribution to the economic security of the country is invaluable," Alexander Lukashenko noted.

"Love your city, respect your past, and build the present! Let the history of Novopolotsk develop further based on your good deeds and efforts," the President wished the residents of the city.