Security issues and border interaction between Belarus and Russia discussed at meeting with President

14 November 2019
Security, international obligations and geopolitics and border interaction between Belarus and Russia were considered by the Head of State today.

The Central European crossroads of transit routes offer opportunities on the one hand and the threat of crime on the other. The position of Belarus remains clear and transparent for the world. Initiatives to counter illegal migration are being promoted at the platforms of major international organizations, and barriers to the spread of drugs, weapons and ammunition are also being put in place. This work is complex and requires clear coordination, first of all, with Russian partners.

Also, they discussed the problems of border queues of trucks and the difficulties that they have to face. 

Back in the mid-90s, Belarus and Russia agreed to jointly protect the western borders of the Union State, at the same time, giving maximum freedom of movement to its citizens. Over the past three years, border guards of Belarus and Russia have jointly opened six channels of illegal migration and detained ten accomplices. Last year alone, five Russian citizens were identified trying to deliver more than half a ton of drugs from Poland and Lithuania to Belarus. The Union State also has a Border Security Improvement Program. The infrastructure is being developed, new equipment and border protection means are being purchased.