Parliament’s tasks announced day before at Palace of Independence

6 December 2019
The deputies and senators of 2 convocations gathered there at once. The President thanked the outgoing composition and awarded the best for active civic activities and contribution to the development of parliamentarism. The new team will join in the improvement of the Constitution, further strengthen political stability, speak loudly and confidently from various international stands. Parliamentarians called the meeting a new good tradition of sovereign Belarus. The conversation turned out to be frank and versatile: from the role of parliament, the history to the main priorities in the economic course of the country and certain aspects of relations with the main partner - Russia. But the main and most important thing that the President focused on was constructive work for the benefit of voters.

The meeting is another opportunity for all branches of government to check their positions in order to work harmoniously. The new appointees will also have to shape the future policy. Alexander Lukashenko made important personnel decisions. The presidential administration is now headed by Igor Sergeyenko, the ex-deputy chairman of the KGB of Belarus. His deputy wwill be Olga Chupris, formerly vice-rector of BSU. They will pay particular attention to issues of legislation and personnel. Natalia Kochanova, Mikhail Rusy, Anatoly Isachenko and Sergey Rachkov will join the Council of the Republic under the presidential quota. Former deputy head of the Administration Valery Mitskevich became a deputy. He and ex-chairman of the House of Representatives Vladimir Andreichenko were entrusted with organizing the parliamentary work process.